vortexual [series collection one]

by variant

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Collection of the entire vortexual series published in 2015.
Nearly 8 hours of celestial magic. A soundtrack for your dreams.

[element zero]
the inception of the vortexual series, [element zero] hones in on the most primitive forms of synthesis, methodical minimalism. This is an omniscient journey, a refuge where synthetic tones dance in the wind and sub harmonic frequencies envelope the soul like a Gregorian chant. Spatial sensations introduce the mind to "the defrag," a place to wander a different universe not far from ours. Over 60 minutes of effervescent tonality; a torrential downpour of analog bliss. A place where space meets bass.

[element one]
a sublime & new extended player from Echospace's, Variant project comes in the form of "Vortexual" [Element One], made exclusively for Movement Festival, Detroit, 2015. This is a near 50 minute cyclic voyage entering the realm of sonic mysticism: a vibrational experience outside of the mind ever-shifting & ever-evolving channels of frequency. For those captivated by Variant's reductions of Intrusion's, "A Gentle Embrace," there is plenty to adore within its composition. This is music to love to, to pray to, to heal to, to float in & drift away.....

[element two]
drifts further elsewhere in space + time: symmetry. Where color of sound is reflective in the deepness. Atmospheric overtone pays homage to the original, but in a different light--- a visitor in a strange land immersed by energy. This soundtrack is for traveling alone in the outer depths of space, your mind setting the tone for its journey, not yet understood. This is music to love to, to pray to, to heal to, to float in & drift away.....

[element three]
re-synthesis constitutes transitions into the deepest expanse of space. Sounds deteriorate just as tape does over time, a gradation of tonal vibration. Over 60 minutes of effervescent tonality; a torrential downpour of analog bliss. It is where and what is: abstraction beneath the surface. In this fathomless space, sounds travel multi-dimensionally creating a a sonic world all its own. Prepare the flotation tank! :-)

[element four]
finds itself drifting somewhere into the abstract, not quite ambient nor dub, instead, a unique divide of the two. For the mind, spirit and soul. Over 60 minutes of effervescent tonality; a torrential downpour of analog bliss. Calming currents let the mind drift further toward a serene sound scape of bellowing blooms of sound. The objective is a place of solace to soothe the soul. Introversion is for the meditative spirit.

[cv313 rewire]
features a breathtaking rework from cv313, an adaptation, in which the life-force of this project centers on balance and dynamic tonality. Sensuous streams of reverberation offer an ethereal plane of existence; a place where one can live, breath and escape. Transcendental bliss of the highest order to engulf the soul and spirit. A polyphonic electric dream...

[intrusion dub]
intrusion plays variant's "vortexual" into something Spellbinding. Hypnotic. Entrancing. Setting the path on the road to zion that is forever. Bury the tapes in the sand to illuminate the spirits in the darkness. 60 minutes into the eternal. Fans of intrusion's classic, "The Seduction Of Silence" will find a lot to love here.


According to Echospace's Stephen Hitchell, the second part of the Vortextual series, under his Variant ambient alias, was designed as a "soundtrack for traveling alone in the outer depths of space". In other words, it's another continuous, hour-long journey, where soft focus dub techno rhythms and echo-laden textures rub shoulders with misty-eyed chords and slowly evolving melodies. While effectively a variation on a theme, it packs a little more percussive punch than its' predecessor, whilst still drifting from the speakers in an impressively weightless manner. As usual, it's a limited CD pressing, so grab it while you can to avoid disappointment. -Juno

Stephen Hitchell (Deepchord/Echospace) coaxes out an hour long trip into the dub mist of his machines. Prepare the floatation tank…! -Boomkat

Element Two of this sprawling science-fiction epic from Stephen Hitchell a.k.a one-half of Detroit techno duo, Echospace. 59 minutes in duration, it was originally composed and produced for Detroit's Movement Festival, where Hitchell delivered a spacious, dubbed-out live performance. This second Element sees him take the matter yet further horizontal than the already brilliant Element One. In his own words this suite is a “soundtrack for traveling alone in the outer depths of space, your mind setting the tone for its journey, not yet understood. This is music to love to, to pray to, to heal to, to float in & drift away”. Long sold out from the artist, this is Limited Edition Replicated CD packaged with Chrome Sticker in re-sealable poly sleeve. -Bleep

Sound meditation on time and space.

One of the biggest events on the electronic scene is the annual Detroit Movement Festival. Many local artists preparing for this occasion a special video that publish in limited editions. So also did Stephen Hitchel, realizing this year's edition of the event new songs of his project Variant. Two versions of the composition "Vortexual" first met his fans who are this summer at the Movement Festival, and now - they reach us in the form of two compact discs.

"Vortexual (Item One)" is a psychedelic vision of music Variant entered in the formula zdubowanego ambient. Its guiding principle is to modulate the sound by manipulating its frequency. The song begins with a tangled together streams of sewage noise. At some point, it will be complemented by a massive pulse of powerful bass, introductory together widely diffuse wave gently flowing chords. Everything is lined with a dub reverb that resonate violent blows corroded keys. Music flows at a slow pace, aiming to muted finals.

"Vortexual (Component Two)" has a more extensive construction. And this time the recording starts with ambient electronics. Soon, however, it is decorated with rough blows rwanymi chords. At one point hit a dub bass and powerful bit native of techno. Hypnotic pulse entwine the streaks of cosmic synths, creating a spatial character of the composition. Eurythmics also be subject to modification - because at the end resound tribal conga tweaked to dub fashion. Speeding recording is losing its momentum only in the last minutes, turning once again to the dub-techno soothing ambient music.

"This is music to love it, to pray it, to heal it, it float in and drift away" - describes these two compositions by the author himself. And indeed - both versions of "Vortexual" fulfill all these functions through it, making this sound meditation on time and space has a salutary effect on the listener, soothing his psyche and bringing spiritual breath to the regular everyday life. So it does having a unique synthesis of the three chief elements Stephen Hitchela music - dub, techno and ambient music. -nowamuzyka magazine


released December 24, 2015

written + produced by variant. 2013-2015. mastered in echospace. re-imagined and re-wired by cv313 and intrusion. mastered by stephen hitchell in echospace 2014-2015.


all rights reserved


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