thru the cosmos [eta​/​aquariids]

by variant

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Finally available! The fourth release of the epic thru the cosmos series, Eta/Aquariids commemorates some of the most sensational astronomical events that occur in the summer night sky. A sonic travelogue for the ultimate immersive experience for all stargazers and imaginative persons alike. This project consists of newfound sounds and 7:1 field recordings specific to our observation locations. In echospace, we pride ourselves on the many years of unique experiences that culminate from our deep love of astronomy.

We have special plans to watch these meteorites grace our atmosphere, and not just as mere observers on Earth, but of whom believe in connecting with those from the future and the ones before us. It is known that ancients partook in this experience, dating back as far as the Egyptians. These space particles disintegrating from Haley's comet are stunning, and simply provide us all with an exceptional human experience. It is advised that anyone watching be placed in complete darkness. And in this darkness, we are surrounded by light.

This epic sound world was created to score as a soundtrack for the multitude of otherworldly cosmic events and features what we would consider some of the most engaging sound designs to date. A sonic universe all its own.

"In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order"
-Carl Jung

CD1: thru the cosmos [eta]
CD2: thru the cosmos [aquariids]


released September 17, 2018

w + p by variant. additional synthesis developed and customized serge modular system courtesy of N.S. mastered in echospace. image credit: ESO/NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)/F. Vogt et al.


all rights reserved


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