[ marina ]

by electricwaves

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marina 15:24
buoyancy 08:04
shore 13:13


Inside whispering winds, mellow melodies peak & plateau, and masterful modulated sequences warmly embrace luminous seascapes. Drowning drones echo the sounds of shuddering energy in the current sea. Subtle nuances ebb and flow in analogue waves throughout the album. Marina harbors pulsating vibrations that are both unignorable and irresistibly a jovial tune. Shore touches upon the calmness of its inlets, and the excitement of its egress-ions. Like the rise and fall of tides, "electric waves" demonstrates the building to an ending of a fathomless journey in deep relief. This is music to groove to, love to, explore to, dream to…. From our hearts to yours!

9/10 from Clinton (Staff) on 22 December 2015

Expecting floaty dubby ambience I recoiled at the words ‘lead guitar’ on the insert credits but don’t let that put you off. ‘Marina’ doesn’t wobble or rock, it creates vast waves of porous gassy ambience that billows like back in the day when smoke used to come out of chimneys.

The album is made up of five very, very long tracks which build up like the wind gathering pace over dunes. Opener ‘Whispering Winds’ is perfectly titled, the 17 minute track consists of mercurial floating sounds which ebb and flow between your ears and when a beat comes in at over four minutes it’s so indistinct that you have a hard time discerning whether it is in fact a beat or just some bass churning around. Electricwaves build things perfectly - you see they just keep adding to and shifting the sound - just slightly which makes for an effervescent cocktail of shimmering sound. The title track is slightly harder, louder with bouncing dub effects and fizzing ear flitter.

Remarkably on ‘Buoyancy’ they write a tune. It comes as some shock to hear something like early UB40 underwater (if only someone had held them there) it’s gorgeous aqua dub/reggae before the closer ‘Shore’ - the first time I’ve heard what I can definitely confirm as a kick drum.

Absolutely gorgeous ambience throughout. A must own if you like to spend your time drifting off.

9/10 -Norman Records


released September 25, 2015

Written & Produced by electricwaves. Mastered at Antique Modulation, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Licensed to echospace [detroit].
(c) echospace recordings (p) electricwaves (ASCAP) 2015.
All rights reserved.


all rights reserved


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