[ live excursions ]

by cv313

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The second vinyl twelve-inch of the year from e c h o s p a c e features never-before-heard (on any medium), rare live performances from cv313. The first track is a rare reversion of the classic 'Dimensional' piece released back in 2007 (Echospace-002), recorded live in Tokyo at Club AIR. For the B side we've done our best to restore one of our favourite live moments captured at ARMA17 in Moscow, Russia, a deeply moving affair somewhere between the clouds above and the water below, spaced out sonic submersion... Pressed on crystal clear vinyl.


Should you have witnessed Rod Modell and Steve Hitchell's performances as CV313 at Tokyo's Club Air or Moscow's Arma, there's no doubt these two cuts are still resonating in your head. For the rest of us, recordings of those shows will have to do. A typically Echospace titled "Dimensional" sees CV313 lock down one of their wispy, circular grooves that could simply go on forever, while a moodier "Longing for Darkness" is far more atmospheric, although heavily undulating kicks provide a rhythmic pulse any CV313 fan will find hard to resist. -Juno

This record chronicles the dual smoky techno interplay of Deepchord & Intrusion in some underground bunker in Tokyo and Moscow. The two men share the Echospace, summoning beats that you’ll get lost in, all captured live. I was under the impression that all dub techno was created in one take with a mountain of drum machines and space echos, prove me wrong.

As you’d expect, it’s deep and spacey as hell, with scratchy hats shuffling about amongst bubbling synths and a breathing vortex of dub delay tracing a steady journey between the left and right speakers. The A side is on the more upbeat side of dub techno, still maintaining a level of funkiness that allows bodily movement rather than sofa burnout. You know the drill, it’s cv313. On the flip, it’s a bit more ghostly and atonal, without so much as a chordal stab to latch onto - just some throbby bass womp and delays that have morphed into icy wisps. Is it a coincidence that this is the Moscovian cut?

This release definitely captures the more free-form nature of live techno, despite being more or less what you’d expect from a cv313 studio record. Because it’s all live really. More than that though, it displays 2 differing sides of the duo, groovy and deep versus cold and lost. A feast for spaced-out ears. -Norman Records

Brand new Echospace Detroit 12" single here, recorded in 2015 which features never-before-heard (on any medium) rare live performances from cv313. The first track is a rare reversion of the classic "Dimensional" piece released back in 2007 (Echospace 002), recorded live in Tokyo at Club AIR. The classic cv313 vibe of bouncy, Detroitian beats paired with Model's unique touch on the mixing desk; merging that dreamy dub aesthetic with rich and textured electronics and drawing the whole thing out over 10+ minutes; is executed perfectly. For the B side it's another live moment captured at ARMA17 in Moscow, Russia. "Longing For Darkness" is a deeply moving affair somewhere between the clouds above and the water below - spaced out sonic submersion of the highest order. In addition to both of these tracks being absolute dynamite (obvs), I'm also impressed at how well they've been captured, and thus transferred into vinyl format. These recordings sound great, with all the detail and depth you come to expect of cv313 kept thoroughly intact throughout. Highly recommended! -Piccadilly

Echospace Detroit come forward with some ultra-exclusive material in the form of these recordings from a rare cv313 live performance. The contents of this this release have never been heard on any platform and they were recorded from a set at legendary Tokyo Club AIR. The unique fusion of Detroit-rooted techno tropes with featherweight dub mixes comes to the fore on these cuts. In particular, Longing For Darkness is a blissed-out opus that sounds just as spaced out and celestial as it does viscerally club-facing. The intricacies and details of the cv313 sound are all present and correct on this release. -Bleep


released May 29, 2015

written + produced by cv313. mastered at alchemy, london, uk.


all rights reserved


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