fading lights

by cv313

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The second 12" single from Echospace in 2014, engineered and mixed down from 1/4" analog tape and mastered by the talented fellas at Alchemy Mastering in London; focusing and enriching every finite detail. "Fading Lights,", a vortex of analog warmth provides a provocative synergy pushing the boundaries between synthetic and organic movement, a sonic illusion. These enthralling hypnotic moments lead us into the seduction of groove with, "Magenta" a lesson in space and bass. The art of restraint is clearly on display as one feels as they are floating in zero gravity for an extended 14 minute journey which leaves you feeling as though only a moment has gone by, sonic submersion of the highest order. This is music to drift out, to float in, to dream thru, to love to, the magic is in the mystics. Essential!

**Clear Vinyl - the first new 12" single from Echospace in 2014, engineered and mixed down from 1/4" analog tape and mastered at Alchemy** Brand new gear from CV313's dub chamber, engineered and mixed down from 1/4" analog tape and mastered by Bazza at Alchemy. A-side delivers the effortless, skanking momentum of 'Fading Lights' buoyed by swollen subs and choked on dense, heavy shag atmospheres. B-side: 'Magenta' follows suit with thirteen minutes of frayed bass heave and clotted filter treatments delving deep into the most abyssal dub house subduction zones.

Rod Modell and Stephen Hitchell's cv313 project present new material, one of two 12"s released simultaneously on their Echospace Detroit label. Fading Lights is suitably deep, the ethereal hiss of space rolling over the lilting dub synth patterns for which the duo is famous. Magneta, on the flip, is a darker and deeper affair, far-off rattles and gurgles truly hypnotic in their composition. Sparse and simple, it takes a lot to make so vibrant a sound with so few elements, but these guys are the masters.

As the second part of a two-pronged issue from the lauded Echospace camp, “Fading Lights” delivers everything you would want to hear from Rod Modell and Stephen Hitchell as they work expressive echoes and feedbacks into the most immersive dub techno money can buy. The icy swathes of gaseous mist that course between the grumbling chords keeps things at a cool constant, with no need for the track to rise above a gentle simmer to impart its magic. “Magenta” is even more distant in its disposition, keeping the static hiss in front of the mix and everything else pulsing away behind with the kind of subtlety that few can pull off quite so magnificently.


released December 5, 2014

w + p by c v 3 13 somewhere in detroit. mastered in echospace, remastered and cut by alchemy mastering, london, england.


all rights reserved


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