dimensional space [alchemy cd edition]

by cv313

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We've spent years now going through the analog tapes from the cv313 project archives and we're excited to have the long sold out, "Dimensional Space" (LP Edition) from cv313 finally available on CD. We had to pay tribute to the brilliant artwork from Lindsay Todd @ Firecracker/House Of Traps and the superbly mastered recordings from Bazza @ Alchemy Mastering, London. This edition features selected content from the LP set and unreleased versions of, "Isis", a killer new cut from the "Beyond The Clouds" sessions titled, "Beyond Dreams", this edition also features 2 unreleased cuts which were scheduled to come out on the LP edition of the album but were omitted due to budgetary concerns, never to be heard - until now. This might be the soundtrack to the other side of the galaxy, a place where space meets bass. Epic in every sense of the word!

The Digital Edition will feature the entire content of the CD and a bonus track culled from the original tape session and a special live version culled from a live performance in Munich, DE, last June.

Dimensional Space :: Alchemy CD Edition

Luna Petra [Alchemy Remaster] :: 9:54
Clouds Beyond [Reprise] :: 14:33
Clouds Beyond [Alchemy Remastered Mix] :: 10:08
Sella Bay [Unreleased Edit] :: 11:11
Beyond Dreams :: 20:07
Cloudburst :: 5:54
Isis [Remake] :: 6:40

And finally, here we are in December 2016 with a new Alchemy edition on CD, featuring yet another clutch of new tracks to further the seemingly ever-expanding realms of Dimensional Space.

To clear up any confusion, the track labelled “Clouds Beyond (Reprise)” here is actually the same track that is labelled “Beyond Starlit Skies [Reimagined]” from the 3LP Alchemy Edition, while “Sella Bay [Unreleased Edit]” is essentially just a cut down version of the original, with the Alchemy Remaster.

Where this new edition differs is in the stunning suite of new ambient tracks at the end of Dimensional Space. This begins with “Beyond Dreams,” a truly intoxicating new twenty-minute journey that begins with birdsong and muted, almost choral intonations and a characteristic hiss that forms the backbone of this slowly building, shimmering, streaming comet of a track. The shuddering sub-bass that joins later completes the effect, but it’s the way the track ends that’s the most affecting, extinguished so suddenly it leaves an aching gap in the space it previously occupied.

The six-minute “Cloudburst” recalls Deepchord presents Echospace’s Liumin Reduced in the best possible way, being basically distantly heard drones underpinning immersively mixed and processed field recordings, this time of torrential rain drenching illuminated night time urban streets.

And finally we have “Isis (Remake)” that continues the eccentric orbit this piece has taken over the years, with no two versions sounding even more alike. This is the shortest take on the track yet, at six and half minutes, and is probably the deepest and darkest.
-Igloo Magazine

Highlights from the LP edition:

*Triple vinyl album marking the much-anticipated return of
e c h o s p a c e to vinyl

*Design & screenprinted sleeves by House of Traps

*Exclusive and never before released versions and reworkings of seminal cv313 material

*Championed by the legendary Steve Barker on BBC Radio's longest running dub program.


Dimensional Space :: Original 2CD Edition

Disk 1 :: Dimensional Space

Luna Petra :: 9:55
Serenity Thru Sorrow :: 13:00
Clouds Beyond :: 10:07
Energies Collide :: 12:51
Durveda :: 7:50
Evocation :: 10:02
Sella Bay :: 15:50

It’s hard to imagine a stronger opener than “Luna Petra,” immediately situating Dimensional Space in darker, more brooding territory. The depth of focus is sublime, layering the deepest, pounding base pulse underneath waves of shimmering pads, shaker percussion, and texturing present here it’s impossible not to get lost. When the distorted, slowed vocal kicks in, the piece is complete. Indeed every subsequent listen is fueled by a tension and anticipation of the final culmination of “Luna Petra”‘s unstoppable, tidal build up earning it the accolade of one the most sublime pieces of music Hitchell has ever produced.

“Serenity Thru Sorrow” is classic territory for Hitchell in The Coldest Season style, hissing jets of steam enshrouding chitinous hats, shuffling pads and a sub-bass rumble before the pace picks up on the propulsive downhill rumble and tumble of “Clouds Beyond”.

The drifting “Energies Collide”—unlike its brethren in Dimensional Space—assumes a weightless, crackling and ethereal form, with subtle melodic melancholy and blustery solar winds vividly channeling Hitchell’s classic extended one-track Variant album Falling Stars. “Evocation” takes this even further and combines it with more Coldest Season hiss.

One of the biggest surprises to appear here is the pitch-black “Durveda,” revealing an inky, deep-sea murk that would later come to the fore in Hitchell’s newest Phase 90 work. It bubbles and rumbles over a bed of engine noise and tinny chattering as searchlight beams reveal plumes of gas and rippling pools of super-heavy underwater oil. Nothing else in the cv313 canon quite comes close to this.

Dimensional Space then closes with the crumbling cliff-faces of “Sella Bay,” a super-deep workout of skanking bass throb, electrical thrum, chittering crickets and clattering metal struts. Immense.
Disk 2 :: Subtraktive

Subtraktive [Remastered] :: 15:44
Subtraktive [The Sight Below Mix] :: 6:30
Subtraktive [Luke Hess + Brian Kage’s Reference Mix] :: 11:57
Subtraktive [DeepChord Presents Echospace Live Dub] Remastered :: 10:42
Subtraktive [King Midas Sound Dub] :: 6:43
Subtraktive [Intrusion’s Enchantment] Extended Version :: 22:17
Subtraktive [Bvdub’s Journey East Of The Lotus Leaves] :: 20:05

The real surprise on this edition of Dimensional Space was that the second disc was not given over to any of the previous cv313 singles, but instead served as full album’s worth of remixes of the celebrated “Subtraktive,” that roils and swells like the waves on the ocean and the rush and roar of great rivers.

Even better is just how varied this disc sounds, thanks to some stellar reworkings like “The Sight Below Mix 2.0” that muffles everything under Iritarri’s Gas-like low pass filters as sensuous and mysterious guitars purr in the distance, or the dance-floor friendly “Luke Hess + Brian Kage Reference Mix” that shuffles hi-hats, melodic bass lines, clangs, whistles and tweets into the deck.

The “King Midas Sound Dub” is possibly the only misstep, a weird and unsettling twist on the original sandwiched between two far more recognizable and conventional Deepchord presents Echospace and Intrusion mixes. This excellent disc of material is heart-stoppingly rounded off by that always essential combination of Hitchell and Brock van Wey in the deeply melancholy, angelic vocal-tinged “Bvdub’s Journey East of the Lotus Leaves,” the tug of the receding tide never quite so deeply felt in “Subtraktive” as it is here.

Dimensional Space :: Bonus Digital Exclusive Tracks

Luna Petra [Live Mix] :: 13:46
Energies Collide [Live Mix] :: 12:33
Subtraktive [The Sight Below Mix 1.0] :: 6:08
Subtraktive [Fingertip Contrail By Area] :: 9:39
Subtraktive [Intrusion Twilight Dub] :: 8:20
Infinit-1 [Remastered] :: 5:55
Infinit-1 [Remodeled + Remastered] :: 5:26
Space :: 11:53
Dimensional : 12:04
Steering By Starlight :: 10:55
Jasna Gora :: 15:38

The digital bonus content available exclusively to those that order the original 2CD edition label-direct from the Bandcamp site is an embarrassment of riches in and of itself. This begins with early, live versions of “Luna Petra” and “Energies Collide” that both provide an interesting insight into the far more sparse and skeletal early origins of these deepest of tracks.

There are a few additional remixes of “Subtraktive” included that didn’t make it onto the second disc of ‘Dimensional Space,’ most interesting of which is the ambient “Fingertip Contrail by Area.”

The previously vinyl-only “Infinit-1” is present here in two versions: the skull-knocking clonk of the original in newly remastered form, and the radically different “Remodeled” interpretation that brightens, electrifies and houses up the skeletal original considerably.

Two tracks you’d think would have been included on the main album given their names, the classic “Dimensional” and “Space” from that earliest of cv313 EP’s of the same name are included here as well, which is a nice touch.

And finally there are two exclusive tracks that don’t appear anywhere else in the cv313 catalogue. The sparse “Stearing by Starlight” launches firework flares into a hissing ether that’s cut to ribbons by scissor slicing hats and the dubbed out skank of “Jasna Gora” is scoured by coarse static and pounding, echo chambers of bass.

Dimensional Space :: 3LP Vinyl Edition

Luna Petra :: 9:54
Clouds Beyond :: 10:08
Beyond The Clouds [Seconds To Forever Live Mix] :: 21:41
Isis [Reimagined] :: 19:18
Beyond Starlit Skies [Reimagined] :: 14:35
Sella Bay :: 15:50

In November 2014, a six track, triple vinyl iteration of Dimensional Space was released that only had three tracks in common with the original. Freshly remastered for vinyl at Alchemy in London, it is housed in a screen printed sleeve with a striking new design by House of Traps that recalls the stylized internal organs sleevage of Orbital’s In Sides.

“Beyond the Clouds [Seconds To Forever Live Mix]” is a twenty-one minute edit of the crucial middle section of the amazing, sixty-minute Seconds To Forever Extended Live Excursion album released back in 2011 and makes for a killer addition to Dimensional Space.

“Isis [Reimagined]” is a new take on a track that first debuted on the Echospace [Detroit] presents: Altering Illusions Chapter One: cv313 double CD compliation, only here it is transformed into a near twenty-minute mix of giddying, out of focus keys, wall-vibrating bass blooms and hypnotic, reverb drenched ambiance.

But perhaps the finest new body to appear hurtling through Dimensional Space is the stellar “Beyond Starlit Skies [Reimagined],” a crackling ball of electrical energy with a rapidly beating core, tendrils of static hiss and a gaseous ambient corona.

-Igloo Magazine (Words by James Knapman)

Before looking at the price, ask yourself: how much do you like dub techno, and more to the point, do you love CV313? If you answered 'a lot' and 'yes' to those respective questions then welcome Rod Modell and Stephen Hitchell's seminal collaboration into your record collection once again. It's quite the package with six tracks pressed into a 3x12" LP, and although Dimensional Space may pinch the bank account, you'll find listening to music like "Isis (reimagined)" to the never-ending-ness of "Clouds Beyond" and "Beyond The Clouds (Seconds To Forever live mix)" are a wholly rewarding experience. -Juno

"Not just epic in scale but also in contrast, the third movement then bursts through with shuffling, skittish keys, metallic hi-hats, trademark static hiss and pounding kick-drums, taking Seconds To Forever [Extended Live Excursion] to new heights of intensity. It’s an almost relentless sequence that plays out over a pummeling twenty-one further minutes that are quite unlike anything laid down by cv313 before or since...... It’s a genuine rarity to come across an extended piece of music that successfully combines ambiance with true intensity, but Seconds To Forever [Extended Live Excursion] manages to pull this off whilst still tipping a hat to the floor with its beat-laden third movement. There is nothing else quite like this in the entire cv313 canon. Absolutely essential!"
-Igloo Magazine

"Dub-techno is the label that's sometimes assigned to the music Hitchell and Modell have released under a number of different aliases, but it's an imperfect term, even if a convenient signifier: as Dimensional Space repeatedly illustrates, their music refuses to be restricted by so simple a designation. If anything, it makes more sense to cast aside genre labels in favour of adjectives such as aquatic, enveloping, oceanic, reverberant, and vaporous, the accumulation of which allows the listener new to their soundworld to acquire some preliminary sense of its character." -Textura Magazine

"This is very similar to DeeoChord, long lingering trance-y, dubby tracks. There are beats but they are so overshadowed by other shimmery, ethereal elements. Im not even sure if you can consider this techno, more like ambient drone with a beat.."
-KFJC Radio (Album of the month)

"a release that has gained mythical status, an elusive gem." -Phonica

"The original material comprises eight nebulous pieces of perfectly detached dub techno intended for healing, meditative purposes." -Boomkat

"Dub techno fans have been waiting a long time to hear Dimensional Space, which was recorded between 1996 and 2010 but seemingly lost following a flood at Echospace's Detroit studio back in 2011. Miraculously, much of the material has been salvaged and re-mastered from dried out reel-to-reel tapes, giving CV313's already crackly, spaced-out originals an extra crustiness that's extremely appealing. Musically, there's plenty to enjoy, from the clandestine pulse of "Luna Petra" and hypnotic, Rhythm & Sound style "Clouds Beyond", to the clandestine atmospherics of "Durveda". -Juno

"The release, out on Echospace Detroit, is an engaging lucid dream into a submerged dub techno world. Perfectly crafted, each piece hovers around the 10-minute mark, allowing a sense of space to develop through the use of glistening chords and treacle-like bass frequencies." -Bleep

Thoughts & Reviews:

There are album delays, and then there are album delays. At three years, cv313's debut album Dimensional Space certainly qualifies as an inordinately long one. But the delay wasn't caused by some bureaucratic logjam; instead, the original masters, recorded between 1996 and 2010, were the victims of a flood in Steve Hitchell and Rod Modell's home studio, with some reels completely ruined and others able to be salvaged and painstakingly restored. A characteristically epic collection from the Echospace [Detroit] stable, Dimensional Space pairs an eighty-minute set of originals with a “Subtraktive” disc featuring cv313's own version plus variations by The Sight Below, Reference (Luke Hess and Brian Kage), King Midas Sound, bvdub (Brock Van Wey), and Hitchell and Modell under the Intrusion and Deepchord Presents Echospace monikers.

Dub-techno is the label that's sometimes assigned to the music Hitchell and Modell have released under a number of different aliases, but it's an imperfect term, even if a convenient signifier: as Dimensional Space repeatedly illustrates, their music refuses to be restricted by so simple a designation. If anything, it makes more sense to cast aside genre labels in favour of adjectives such as aquatic, enveloping, oceanic, reverberant, and vaporous, the accumulation of which allows the listener new to their soundworld to acquire some preliminary sense of its character. The material on the release is hardly techno as conventionally defined (if anything, cv313's understated swing has more in common with house), though it does share with dub a concern for multi-dimensional production design.

The eighty-minute opening disc features seven originals of varying mood, the shortest eight minutes and the longest sixteen. Some are rhythmically charged pieces, whereas others drift in a comparatively dream-like and laid-back manner (“Energies Collide,” “Evocation,” “Sella Bay”). Within “Luna Petra,” the presence of a muted instrument—the density of the soundmass of which it's a part makes it difficult to determine whether it's a melodica, harmonica, or horn—lends the material a jazz-like feel. A lumbering pulse injects the burbling swirl of “Serenity Thru Sorrow” with a kinetic and funk-inflected force as cold gusts of winds blow across the track's slippery surfaces, while “Clouds Beyond,” a barely contained fireball of energy, exudes even more propulsive drive in its bubbly, bass-thudding broil.

cv313's ultra-vaporous stepper “Subtraktive,” which captures in a single track the project's persona in its essential form, inaugurates the release's second half. And though it admittedly has the feel of a bonus disc due to its concentration on remix treatments, it also plays very much like a natural sibling to the first half when the guests don't wholly strip the original's cv313 identity away from their own versions. The Sight Below's, for example, could easily be mistaken for a Hitchell and Modell original, while Intrusion's understandably feels closely connected to the original, given that Hitchell's the man behind the Intrusion mask. Not all, however, hew as closely to cv313's version. Hess and Kage's feels like a club track straining to break free of its chains and unleash a full-on house groove—something that Deepchord Presents Echospace's pumping “Live Dub,” in fact, accomplishes. In an especially bold makeover, King Midas Sound re-imagines the track as a trippy dub poetry reverie replete with a female lead vocal, while Van Wey shows himself to be his characteristically voluminous self in transmuting the original into a sweeping, twenty-minute “Journey East of the Lotus Leaves” opus. It seems only fitting that Dimensional Space should end on such an epic note. -Textura Magazine

The long awaited “debut” album of cv313 (echospace) “Dimensional Space” has finally arrived on wax. It’s an absolute triumph of an album, presenting the depth and range of their work, and housed in a stunning black and silver silk-screened sleeve.

“Luna Petra” is the standout track with its muted trumpet beautifully emerging from the dubby whirl. Like their other best work, this one makes it difficult to tell what you're hearing, swirling vocals dubbing into oblivion interlock with one another and the deep dubby bassline. “Beyond the Clouds (Seconds to Forever Livemix) is a rework of the Seconds to Forever cdr release that manages to improve on the excellent original. It’s a tunneling, 20+ minute psychedelic dubtechno journey as only cv313 can pull off, and one of their greatest tracks yet.

“Isis” is on the cloudy ambient tip with an ultra-deep bassline, good for mixing with. But on its own, the mind starts to wander after 7 or 8 minutes. “Beyond Starlit Skies (reimagined)” pulses along with a steady dance-ready beat under hypnotic, cascading echospace-y sounds that mutate into and through one another (in a similar way to “Beyond The Clouds (III)”). “Stella Bay” rounds out the album with deep, meditative dub. -No Chicago

cv313 aka Rod Modell (DeepChord, Echospace) and Steve Hitchell. This release had a three year delay after the original masters (recorded 1996-2010) were submerged underwater due to a flood in their home studio, with many reels never recovered. This is very similar to DeeoChord, long lingering trance-y, dubby tracks. There are beats but they are so overshadowed by other shimmery, ethereal elements. Im not even sure if you can consider this techno, more like ambient drone with a beat. According to the Echospace website ‘The culmination of this project leads to synergy, creative experience re-invented and re-imagined, flow of an astral vortex’ and that pretty much sums it up hippies. -KFJC 89.3FM

Nein, keine Ahnung, wer sich dahinter verbirgt, aber die eutliche Liebe zum Berliner CR-Universum lässt auf jeden Fall vermuten, dass die Labelbetreiber Hitchel und Modell irgendwie an der Produktion beteiligt waren. Zwei lange, deepe Tracks, die in ihrer stoischen Trägheit vor allem von der schwebenden Schunkelei der Echos leben und mit ihren kurzen Dub-Stabs auf dem Weg in Richtung Heimat sind. Und doch klingt es ein bisschen moderner, ein bisschen mehr upfront, allein schon wegen der 707-Bassdrum und dem nototrisch klackernden Rimshots. Ersetzt die Heizung im Winter. -De:Bug Magazine (DE)

Top 100 Tracks of 2014 @ TEA.

cv313's "Sella Bay" featured on Steve Barker's BBC Radio Lancashire.




released January 4, 2017

written & produced by cv313. mixed and (pre)mastered in echospace. artwork by lindsay todd (house of traps/firecracker) mastered by bazza @ alchemy, london, uk.



all rights reserved


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