dimensional space

by cv313

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First time available in digital formats.


released November 12, 2013

Following on from the immediate sell-out of the first release on Deepchord and Soultek's Echospace imprint, release number two drops from the mysterious CV313 and just OWNS our week with two of the most advanced post Basic-Channel transmissions you're ever likely to hear. "Dimensional" on the A-side is drenched in the usual emissions and accidental analogue degradations of Space Echo and banks of old effects units, but there's a robust swing to this track that's quite different from the ethereal washes you might be expecting - one determined bassline asserting itself, pushing itself higher and higher into the mix until the track opens up and you find yourself in the midst of a fierce midnight skanking session, Detroit style. "Space" on the flip picks up on this momentum and utilises the same sound palette for an even more padded Techno blueprint - needless to say, the production here is just immense and the track so well crafted that you start forming in your mind a pretty accurate picture of who it is who's hiding behind the controls. So many people have dreamt of Maurizio revisiting his seminal M-series, and its an appetite that¹s sated by this masterful modern re-wiring of the deepest and most effervescent of all techno's strands, from the heart of Detroit. It's all about space and bass....and this kills it! Mighty twelve - buy while you can. -BOOMKAT


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