beyond starlit sky

by cv313

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The first new 12" single from Echospace in 2014, engineered and mixed down from 1/4" analog tape and mastered by the talented fellas at Alchemy Mastering in London; focusing and enriching every finite detail. This EP features 2 new pieces of sonic meditation residing somewhere between space and time, somewhere in the cosmos. With the title track, "Beyond Starlit Sky", vaporous atmospheres emerge from the distance, while ghostly apparitions and analog modulations rise to the surface of a truly hypnotizing rhythm, submerging the mind deep into an analog world. With the "Live" version a mixture of themes from "Fading Lights" and "Beyond Starlit Sky" find an engaging syncopation, resting somewhere in the ether. Those who loved Echospace's "The Coldest Season" on Modern Love will have plenty to adore here.

**Clear Vinyl - the first new 12" single from Echospace in 2014, engineered and mixed down from 1/4" analog tape and mastered at Alchemy** Sublime new material from the Echospace chamber, engineered and mixed down from 1/4" analog tape and mastered by Bazza at Alchemy. Only their 2nd new 12" of 2014, 'Beyond Starlit Sky' projects nine minutes of claggy atmosphere and subtly rolling waves of sub bass picking up to an insistent skank by the time the waves part. Flipside, they offer an extended 14 minute live version reshuffled and swept around with tantric patience. -Boomkat

Rod Modell and Stephen Hitchell’s cv313 project is one of the long-standing fixtures of the Echospace imprint, representing something of a definitive guide to the dub techno sound once it ran on from the Basic Channel days. “Under Starlit Sky” has everything you could wish for from the pair, as distant and hazy pads undulate through cloying reverbs and the beats chug away with a regal patience, utterly blissful in its overall effect. The “live” take on the flip is a more simmering offering that pares the swathes of pads down and lets a murmuring rhythmic construction take the mantle, without moving far from the realms of moody, immersive dub techno of course. -Juno

Rod Modell and Stephen Hitchell's cv313 project present new material, one of two 12"s released simultaneously on their Echospace Detroit label. Beyond Starlit Sky is a bright, shimmering affair, full of the depth for which the pair are known but more attuned to the starlit sky of the title than the immersive darkness one might expect. Pulsing percussion and dancing synth pads come together to make this a truly holistic experience. A live take refashions these elements, showing a different side to the same track and further exhibiting showing off the duo's talents, if they were ever in doubt.


released December 5, 2014

w + p by c v 3 13 somewhere in detroit. mastered in echospace, remastered and cut by alchemy mastering, london, england.


all rights reserved


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